ACTC CAMBRIDGE promises to be a great event with a scientific programme lined up with something for everyone, whether you're a PhD student, Post Doc, Primary investigator or Professor, Research Scientist, Senior Scientist, Scientific Manager or Department Director.


Tuesday 4th December

SESSION: Complex In Vitro Models: 3D, Fluid Flow and Multi-Organ

Session Chairs: Dr Doris Wilfingseder and Dr Phil Jeffrey

10:00am: KEYNOTE - Professor Mike Phillpot (QMUK)

Title:Next generation modelling of human skin glands and appendages


10:30am: Dr Janire Saez Castano (University of Cambridge)

Title: 3D gut-on-a-chip models with integrated microfluidics


10:50am: Jonathan Temple (University of Liverpool)

Title: Imaging of 3D cell culture: challenges and opportunities


11:10 - 11:40: Coffee Break


11:40am: KEYNOTE - Dr Lorna Ewart (AstraZeneca)

Title: TBC


12:10pm: Dr William Kritchley (University of Leeds)

Title: A physiological 3D model of angiogenesis


12:30: Dr Parveen Sharma (University of Liverpool)

Title: In vitro liver zonation of primary rat hepatocytes


12:50 - 14:00: Lunch and Poster session


14:00pm: KEYNOTE - Dr Gianni Dal Negro (GSK)

Title: Industry translational thinking in the qualification of new complex in vitro models


14:30pm: Dr Dawn Walker (University of Sheffield)

Title: From crowds to cells - what we can learn from computational models of cell cultures


14:50: Dr Bhumika Singh (Kirkstall Ltd)

Title: 3DbioNet: a Technology Touching Life network


15:00 - 15:30: Coffee Break

SESSION: Exploring the Latest Trends in Stem Cell Research

Session chair: Dr Hassan Rashidi (UCL)

15:30: KEYNOTE - Professor David Hay (University of Edinburgh)

Title: TBC


16:00: Dr Nicole Prior (University of Cambridge)

Title: Adult stem/progenitor cells and organoid cultures. Applications for the study of human biology and disease


16:20 Dr Sandrine Willaime-Morawek (University of Southampton)

Alzheimer’s patients induced pluripotent stem cells form 3D mature neural cultures to model biochemical


16:40 Professor Aline Miller (University of Manchester)

Title: Engineering Peptide Based Materials for Regenerative Medicine Applications


17:00 Finish


19:30 Gala dinner

Wednesday 5th December

Session: Developments within In Vitro Cancer Research

Session Chair: Dr Miriam Dwek (University of Westminster)

10:00am: Dr Carsten Hansen (University of Edinburgh)

Title: Mechanotransduction in the Hippo pathway


10:20am: Dr Maria Vias (CRUK Cambridge Centre)

Title: Human primary high grade serous ovarian carcinoma organoid cultures for disease modelling and drug screening.


10:40am: KEYNOTE: Professor Fran Balkwill (QMUL)

Title: Modelling the Tumour Microenvironment of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer


11:20 Coffee Break



11:50am: Manuela Natoli (CRUK Cambridge Centre)

Title: Cell Culture quality controls: 10 years of centralised cell line management


12:10pm: Dr Adrian Biddle (QMUL)

Title: In vitro modelling of cancer stem cell therapeutic responses for drug discovery


12:30pm: Dr Michele Zagnoni (University of Strathclyde)

Title: Oncoscreen: a microfluidic solution for personalised oncology


12:50 Lunch


Session: Building Better Blood Brain  Barrier Models

Session chair: Dr Sikha Saha (University of Leeds)

14:00pm: KEYNOTE: Professor Joan Abbott (Kings College London)

Title: Building better blood-brain barrier models : Structure, function and value for drug delivery studies

14:30pm: Dr Virginia Pensabene (University of Leeds)

Title: A novel microfluidic system for growing blood brain barrier cell types

14:50: Dr Stephen Hladky (University of Cambridge)

Title: Does the blood-brain barrier secrete ISF?

15:20 KEYNOTE: Dr Gary Allenby (Aurelia Bioscience)

Title: TBC


15:50pm: Finish


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