Past Advances in Cell & Tissue Culture Conferences

ACTC has been running events for 10 years with growing success. ACTC is a forum for leading researchers to present their work on in vitro cell culture and is a great opportunity for the exchanging of ideas. It is a ‘Gordon Style’ event, encouraging everybody to contribute.


ACTC 2018 Programme

In Vitro Models for the Study of Neurological Diseases Chair: Professor Roxana O Carare (University of Southampton)

Creating More Realistic Gut Models Chair: Professor Julian Marchesi (Imperial College London and Cardiff University)

Advanced Cell Culture: 3D, Fluid Flow and Co-culture Chair: Professor Trevor Dale (Cardiff University)

In Vitro Models for Animal Replacement Chair: Dr Gerry Kenna (Safer Medicines Trust)

Stem Cells: Developing Off the Shelf Therapeutics Chair:  Dr Pascale V Guillot (University College London, UK)


ACTC 2018 Keynote Speakers

Geoff Pilkington (University of Portsmouth)

Dr Christophe Lacroix (Laboratory of Food Biotechnology, ETH Zurich)

Dr Dominic Williams (AstraZeneca)

Dr Murat Cirit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Dr Paul Walker (Cyprotex)

Professor Tommy Andersson (AstraZeneca)

Dr Hassan Rashidi (UCL)


The 2017 conference was held at the Macdonald Hotel in Manchester, UK.

ACTC 2017 Programme

In vitro models for animal replacement Chair: Dr Brett Cochrane (Dr Hadwen Trust, UK)

In vitro to in vivo extrapolation Chair: Dr Harvey Clewell (ScitoVation, USA)

Safety and toxicology Chair: Dr Phil Hewitt (Merck, Germany)

Tissue Engineering Chair: Professor Jamie Davies (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Bioreactors, 3D and dynamic flow Chair: Professor Sarah Cartmell (University of Manchester, UK)

Disease modelling and co-culture Chair: Dr Pascale V Guillot (University College London, UK)

Cultivating Cells under Physiological Conditions Chair: Dr Beate Rinner  (Medical University of Graz, Austria)

ACTC 2017 Keynote Speakers

Dr Harvey Clewell  (ScitoVation, USA)

Harvey’s work involves combining state-of-the art modeling of tissue dosimetry and cellular response with targeted in vitro studies, in order to reduce the uncertainty in estimates of the effects of environmental chemicals, personal care products, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals in humans.

Professor Mark Cronin  (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)

Mark Cronin is Professor of Predictive Toxicology in the School of Pharmacy and Chemistry at Liverpool John Moores University, England. He has research interests in the development of in silico approaches to predict the toxicity and fate of chemicals. This includes both environmental and human health endpoints.

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