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Jellagen Pty Ltd is as UK Company based in Cardiff, whose strategic mission is to exploit sustainable marine species and natural resources, to develop technical and scientific high value products, meeting state of the art specifications.
The first products developed by Jellagen are based on Next Generation Collagen extracted from Jellyfish. The first range of products developed through this new technology, are cell culture reagents used to grow stem cells in 2D and 3D by the Biotech and Pharma Industry R&D teams. The second range of products will be medical devices and biomaterials in the areas of wound and regenerative medicine, also engineered around jellyfish collagen.
Jellagen’s collagen products offers the potential of in vitro to in vivo applications as well as batch to batch consistency offering advantages to research and medical applications. Jellagen products enable the researcher to optimise their study through providing an effective starting material for culturing cells which decrease downtime and allow for more effective representation of human model.
Jellagen received ISO13485 certification in March 2018 for the manufacture of jellyfish collagen.



BioIVT, formerly BioreclamationIVT, is a leading provider of control and disease state samples (human/animal tissues, cells, blood, biofluids). Our PHASEZERO team provides value-added services that evaluate the efficacy and safety of therapeutics. Combining technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled access to biospecimens, BioIVT partners with scientists in ELEVATING SCIENCE.






























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