Aligned fibre scaffolds for 3D cell culture


A common problem in drug discovery is the high cost of clinical trials and the number of animals used in pre-clinical testing, due to the lack of 2D cell culture producing representative and predictive models. By mimicking the protein scaffolds on which cells grow, cells cultured in 3D provide a model that is more physiologically relevant and allow pharmacological responses with a higher predictive value. Organoids are a dominant form of 3D tissue culture and used in a wide array of drug and toxicity screening models. However, the use of organoids in models that require screening of tissues with distinct aligned morphologies is limited.

Mimetix® scaffolds (4 μm fibre, 50 μm thick random fibres), have recently been used in studies for liver toxicity and breast cancer. To model neurological and cardiac disease effectively, it is crucial to mimic the native aligned matrix. In this study, we present a novel aligned Mimetix® scaffold and published data.

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