Abstract: Jellagen Pty Ltd founded in 2013, is as UK Marine Biotechnology company based in Cardiff, whose strategic mission is to exploit sustainable marine species and natural resources, to develop technical and scientific high value products, meeting state of the art specifications.  The first products Jellagen® are based on Next Generation Collagen extracted from Jellyfish.  The first range of products developed through this new technology, are cell culture reagents used to grow stem cells in 2D and 3D by the Biotech and Pharma Industry R&D teams.  The second range of products will be medical devices and biomaterials in the areas of wound and regenerative medicine, also engineered around jellyfish collagen. Jellagen® is a next generation and high purity collagen biomaterial produced from jellyfish. Jellyfish collagen is an evolutionary ancient chemical template and is where all collagens up the tree of life have been derived.  Jellagen ® has been shown in cell culture as an excellent attachment substratum and compatible with many existing cell culture protocols.  Examples of human primary and stem cells include, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Fibroblasts, Hepatocytes, Endothelial cells, Keratinocytes, Chondrogenic Progenitor Cells, Urine Derived Stem Cells, Cardiomyocytes have all been cultured successfully on films or thin gels of Jellagen®.  This presentation will introduce the Jellagen business, its current range of cell culture products and present current cell culture data and provide details of moving its products from 2D to 3D applications.

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