Proliferate – applications in regenerative medicine

Abstract: Proliferate is a bio-compatible and bio-resorbable 3D scaffold under investigation for applications in regenerative medicine. Two basic versions of this peptide based polymer are under development. The first is a hydrophilic porous material based upon fused microparticles and the second is a macroporous hydrogel. We will discuss the ongoing in-vivo studies on osteochondral repair (currently in sheep) and CNS repair (currently in rats). It is hoped that first in-man studies will be carried out in 2019. The macroporous hydrogel is also under investigation for bone repair and the results to-date will be summarised.


SpheriTech, founded by Don Wellings in 2009 provides consultancy and laboratory based contract research and development to a range of industries.

Don has more than 30 years experience working in blue chip organisations holding senior scientific posts in ICI, Zeneca, Avecia and Polymer Laboratories. More recently he founded Chromatide where he worked as Chief Scientific Officer for 3 years and is credited as the sole inventor of all of the company’s intellectual property.

Don is an internationally recognised authority on peptide synthesis, polymer particle design and chromatography. He is the author of numerous texts and book chapters and is the author of ‘A Practical Handbook of Preparative HPLC‘. With a track record of innovation he is the main inventor on 12 patents and the sole inventor on all patents filed by SpheriTech to-date. 



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