Towards implementation of the 3Rs in basic research and teaching in Italy: Centro 3R

Abstract: The role of universities is to provide a nurturing and liberal environment for teaching and research, as such they represent an ideal place for the definition, implementation and the promotion of the 3Rs. The first of its kind in Europe, the recently established Italian Interuniversity Center for the Promotion of the 3Rs Principles in Teach and Research (Centro 3R) was set up to meet this objective. Its mission is to promote rational and scientific thinking in experimental science through a multidisciplinary  teaching and research approach inclusive of all 3Rs as a means to accelerate the R of replacement. Specifically, the Centro 3R will develop courses and credits on the animal care and welfare and advanced in-vitro methods, integrating them into bachelors and masters curricula. In the research field the Center is committed to the development of innovative methods for the implementation  of the 3Rs as well as knowledge and resource sharing.

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