Dr Dominic Williams

Associate Director

Preclinical Hepatic Safety


Dominic joined AstraZeneca in 2014 and is Associate Director within Drug Safety & Metabolism (DSM, Cambridge UK), the Preclinical Hepatic Target Organ Lead and co-Chair of the Hepatic Safety Knowledge Group.  

He sits on the AZ Post-Doc Committee which awards up to 50 post-doc positions each year, and has oversight of over 130 post-doc positions.

Until 2017, he was co-ordinator of the IMI1 consortium, MIP-DILI, and has been part of other EU initiatives (SAFE-T, SafeSciMET).  

Prior to joining AZ, Dominic has 15 years of academic experience in translational hepatic drug safety from within the UK’s only MRC funded Centre for Drug Safety Science, at the University of Liverpool and secured funding of over £10M.

Dominic led a research group and trained & developed 14 PhD and 6 Master’s students, some of whom are current employees of AstraZeneca.

Dominic has authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications on drug safety. Dominic sits on the Scientific & Nominations Sub-committees of the British Toxicology Society and has been a member of a Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Expert Advisory Group.