Clive Dilworth

Scientific Director


Clive completed a PhD on the role of the stress response as an early stage indicator of in vitro hepatotoxicity at The School of Pharmacy, University of London in 1998. He is Scientific Director at Cyprotex which is a subsidiary of Evotec..

Cyprotex specialises in ADME-Tox and Biosciences including both in vitro (laboratory experiments) and in silico (computer modelling) approaches. 

Cyprotex serves the Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Cosmetics/Personal Care and Chemicals Industries as well as academia and not-for-profit organisations. Over 1700 organisations trust Cyprotex for their ADME-Tox and Bioscience research needs.

In 2015, they launched a new high throughput ADME laboratory at their Watertown facility in the US, and introduced their new Biosciences division which focuses on phenotypic based drug discovery and efficacy screening. Their core capabilities now include in vitro ADME-Tox, Biosciences, and PBPK and QSAR predictive modelling.

They focus heavily on R&D and their goal is to continually develop and improve approaches to more accurately predict human clinical outcome following exposure to a drug or chemical using robust in vitro methods combined with in silico technology.